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One Time Parent Vision Statement

One time parent vision statement addressing your child's strengths, needs, and concerns


1 HR Consultation

Ask me any questions about neuroaffirming supports, IEP services or supports, Autism or ADHD support for the school setting.

One time Standard IEP Review

  • One time review of your child's IEP

  • Proposed revisions to goals, accommodations, modifications and services

  • Email draft to send to the IEP


Advocacy & Consultation

  • 3 hour package

  • 1 on 1 coaching

  • Parent vision statement or Parent concern letter

  • Includes the IEP Review

* good for 1 year


Advocacy & Consultation + 1 IEP Meeting Attendance

* good for 1 year



I provide training for School Staff and parent organizations on:

  • IEP Basics

  • Mental Health in the School Setting

  • Neuroaffirming Practices in the School Setting

  • Autism & ADHD

*Don't see a training listed that you would like me to provide schedule a free consult

Social Emotional Supports &
Regulation Goals in 504s & IEPs Webinar



  1. How do you know a child needs social-emotional support and regulation goals in their IEP?

  2. What supports can be put in an IEP to provide social emotional and regulation support?

  3. What can social emotional and regulation goals look like?


  • Webinar Recording

  • Cheat Sheet

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