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I provide trainings for Organizations, Special Education Advisory Councils, and Schools on how Autism, ADHD, and Mental Health diagnoses can present and how to support learners in a neuroaffirming way in a variety of settings.

Destiny Huff, MS, LPC
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Understanding Disabilities & Diagnosis

As we gain more understanding of Autism & ADHD we also gain more understanding of how to support these learners in the school setting. Imagine understanding the trigger and the corresponding support to help the learner.

Understanding Neuroaffirming Practices

Neurodivergence is an important aspect of who your learners are and its important that as someone who works with neurodivergent learners you understand that. I can help your members and families understand what neuroaffirming supports are and how to implement those in theeducational setting.

Increased Emotional Regulation

No more dysregulation due to a lack of sensory supports and understanding of social emotional regulation. Learn what social emotional regulation is and how to write goals, provide accommodations, and supports

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Special Education Terms

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Timelines You Should Know: Special Education Handbook Edition

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Neuroaffirming Checklist

IEP Meeting Prep & 

IEP Meeting Checklist

Accommodations &


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Facts about IDEA

3 Facts about Section 504

Procedural & Substantive Violations

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I've been in the Mental Health field professionally for 15 years. As a Licensed Mental Health Professional, I had the opportunity to work in both the school and early child hood education settings over the course of my career.

Working side by side with educators, instructional coaches, trainers, and administrators I was able to see first hand what is needed for neurodivergent children in their educational setting and what trainings and supports are necessary for staff to support neurodivergent children in their educational setting.

When my son entered in to the public school system I gained first hand knowledge of the importance of an IEP team that communicates and collaborates and the importance of advocating for neurodivergent children.

I'm a mother of two children on IEPs, neurodivergent, have completed the Master IEP Coach Mentorship Program, I am a proud member of the COPAA and CEC and I can't wait to support you through your IEP journey!


Here's to Not Doing It Alone, 



to get started supporting your Neurodivergent Learners

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Let's chat about your families or staff need. Let's strategize together to address your top 3 struggles for your neurodivergent learners.

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Come learn about neuroaffirming practices, how to write neuroaffirming IEP goals, and what accommodations & modifications can benefit your neurodivergent learners and decrease dysregulation.

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Take what you have learned and implement it in and see things succeed.

When we work together, you will receive ...

Understanding Diagnosis - Educators and parents often want to gain more understanding on Autism, ADHD, and mental health diagnosis, how it can present, and how to support them in their different settings.

Neuroaffirming IEP Goals -

How do we honor the person and support them so that they can feel safe and thrive in the educational setting.

Accommodations, Modifications, & Services - How do we honor the person and support them with effective accommodations and modifications that prevent dysregulation and support educational success.

"Just Breathe" Social Emotional Learning and Wellness Consulting, LLC was very pleased with Destiny Huff's exceptional training sessions on IEP Basics and Neurodivergence presented to a group of Paraprofessionals. The participants appreciated the detailed information, resources, and delivery. Ms. Huff engaged the audience, addressed questions, and shared many examples to support understanding the IEP and neurodiversity affirming practices. We look forward to working with Ms. Huff again as we explore additional neurodivergent principles and strategies. 

"Just Breathe" Social Emotional Learning & Wellness



Yes, I predominately provide trainings virtually. Depending on where you are located in the state of Georgia or South Carolina I can provide the training in person.


I am a mental health therapist with almost 15 years in the field. I am a licensed professional counselor who has worked in reintegration foster care, the early child hood education setting, and the school setting. I am also a certified trauma focused cognitive behavior therapist for children.


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Credentials & Memberships

Master IEP Coach® Mentorship Certificate - Neurodiversity Affirming IEP Community

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