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Let's talk Special Education & IEPS...

Does your heart drop every time you receive a phone call from your child's school? Or every time you get an email?

I've been there. My child's school calls and my heart drops because while I would LOVE for it to be positive and a good call, I know its going to be about behavior or a safety concern.

It does not have to be that way and things can get better. Trust me I get it. I've been there, too. I am not there anymore though and I can help.

Imagine ...

Not checking your phone to see if the school is calling. 

Feeling at ease when you walk in to an IEP meeting because you have support.

Seeing your child happy to go to school and feeling at ease knowing they are growing, learning, and getting the support they need.

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Pink and White Modern Business Instagram
Pink and White Modern Business Instagram

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Free template to take notes, an IEP Meeting Checklist, Communication log, these free downloads will help you feel organized immediately!

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Hey, I'm Destiny

I remember not knowing anything about Special Education or IEPs. I was so overwhelmed that I took everything said and done at face value without recognizing my child was not getting the support he needed to thrive and be the best him that he could be. I never want another parent to feel that way!

With 15 years of experience in the mental health field, I used my  mental health experience in the early childhood and school settings to help children but also to help parents and educators identify and provide the best supports and services to help the child feel safe, thrive, and grow while protecting their mental health.

I'm a mother of two children on IEPs, neurodivergent, a mental health professional, and a proud member of the Master IEP Coach Network®, and I can't wait to support you through your IEP journey!


Here's to  not doing it alone, 


Who can I help?


If your child has Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Social Emotional Developmental Delay, and/or Speech or Language Impairment, I can help you!


If your child is transitioning from Pre-K to Kindergarten, transitioning from one school to another, one state to another, I can help you!

Referrals or Suspensions

If your child is going through the Special Education evaluation process, on a 504, or IEP and has received multiple referrals or suspensions, I can help you!

Military Connected Children

If your child is military connected, attending a DODEA school, or public school and has an IEP, I can help you!

What we can do together:


I will help you organize and prioritize your concerns.


Communicating your concerns, in writing, in a clear, concise, and collaborative way is key. I'll show you how.

Meeting Attendance

You'll never feel alone at the IEP table again. As your advocate I will make sure you are prepped and that all your concerns are brought to the IEP table.

Continued Support

I'll be there with monthly check-ins and to bring up things that you  may be too overwhelmed to remember because life gets busy but this is my job and your concerns won't go unheard.

Keeping accounts
Text, Phone Calls, Email, or Zoom. You choose how we can best work together!
Your child's growth, success, and mental health will always be our top priority.
You'll finally be able to feel like a member of the IEP team when you sit at the table!

Does any of this sound like you?

Do you feel like your child's IEP services aren't the right ones or that your child is not growing?

Are you worried about whether or not your child's goals are strength based and supportive?

Are you being called constantly by the school?

That's exactly why we should work together!

Let's Connect!

I know trusting someone to help you with your child's IEP is NOT easy. 
Let's get to know each other to so see if we're a good fit to fix your child's IEP!

Are you ready to help your child succeed in the school setting?

As parents all we want for our children is to be happy, healthy, and accomplish all their goals and dreams in any setting. Making through their school day and having the necessary support and understanding to thrive and be exactly who they are is something we strive for. 

When there is a disconnect between what they need and what is being provided in the school setting they can become frustrated and so do we. 

I get it. I've been there, too. 
I can't wait to help you.
Data is key!
All additions, removals, and changes in category, placement, services, accommodations, & modifications should be driven by data!
Teamwork is key to your child's success. I will help you facilitate a relationship WITH your child's school team so that YOU can feel like a collaborative member of the IEP team because you are!
Together will work together to give you peace of mind at home and your child peace of mind at school for the most supportive, safe, and unique program to help YOUR child succeed!
Pink and White Modern Business Instagram
Pink and White Modern Business Instagram
Pink and White Modern Business Instagram

Free Download

Free template to take notes, an IEP Meeting Checklist, Communication log, these free downloads will help you feel organized immediately!

Free Downloads Please!


Mother and Daughter Having Fun



"Thank you for everything you have done for me and our family. Your actions mean more than we can say. Your guidance, direction and of course encouragement with our adverse situations. You reassured me on what to do to help him with his 504 to help accommodate him to succeed when he had a 504 that clearly was not being followed. You gave us positive and resourceful information. We would of not gotten thru all of this without your guidance"



Mother and Son
First and foremost, THANK YOU! You have prepared me and given me the tools I need to be armed with in order to go to bat for my child and his education. When a child needs an IEP, the FIRST thing that a parent should do is contact an IEP consultant. You helped me to navigate the IEP and figure out where the school services should have been provided all along. You showed me how to advocate for my child and what areas of the IEP needed to be updated. I'm 99% sure that we will continue to use your services .. we have 4 years of high school get through!!! 



Hi Destiny, Thank you so much for this information on pragmatic language skills. I remember a little while ago I brought up questions about my son at one of your IEP conversations around this. That information helped me convince his primary care physician to write a referral for an evaluation and now your newsletter and printable came just in time for a speech evaluation appointment. I am so grateful for all of the information you put out there. 
Modern Classroom

Let's Connect!

Schedule a time that works for you!

When we work together you will get:

IEP Strategies that work

No more worrying if your child's neurodivergence is being considered or that their social emotional well being is being worked on. My professional mental health background and personal neurodivergent background help with that.

Detailed Recommendations

No more feeling like something is missing. I conduct a detailed review to make sure your child's IEP assessment results are connected to their services and supports.

Meeting Support

Whether you want me to attend your child's IEP meeting with you or not, you don't ever have to worry about feeling unprepared for an IEP meeting again.

Pink and White Modern Business Instagram
Pink and White Modern Business Instagram
Pink and White Modern Business Instagram

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