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5 Things to Do To Support Your Child During ESY

As a parent who's child will be participating in ESY this year I wanted to provide some tips on how to navigate ESY and set your child up for success in the coming school year. When ESY is suggested by your child's IEP team in can feel overwhelming and participation in ESY brings both opportunities and challenges. As a parent, your support and advocacy play a vital role in ensuring your child receives the necessary educational support during this time. In this blog post, I am going to discuss practical tasks that parents can do to navigate ESY and make sure their child's unique needs are supported.

1. Review and Understand the IEP:

Before ESY begins, take the time to thoroughly review and understand your child's IEP.
- What are your child's goals?
- What are their accommodations and modifications?
- What are their services?
Reach out to your child's IEP team to address any questions or concerns you may have. This understanding will help you advocate effectively for your child and ensure their individualized needs are met throughout ESY.

2. Open Communication with School Staff:

Maintaining communication with school staff during ESY is crucial, just like it is during the school year. - Schedule a meeting or check-in to discuss their progress, challenges, and needed modifications
Sharing information about your child's strengths, preferences, and learning styles will facilitate a collaborative approach in supporting their educational journey.

3. Establish Consistent Routines:

Consistency is key when it comes to supporting children with IEPs during ESY.
- Establish and maintain consistent routines at home
- Create a schedule that includes designated study periods, breaks, and recreational activities.
- Clearly communicate expectations

4. Provide Additional Support at Home:

While ESY provides ongoing educational support, it's essential to reinforce learning at home.
- Collaborate with your child's teachers to identify areas that could use extra practice
- Create a conducive learning environment at home and establish regular study sessions
- Encourage independent work, but be available to provide assistance when needed
- Celebrate your child's achievements

5. Seek Out Enrichment Opportunities:

ESY can be an excellent opportunity for your child to explore new interests and engage in enrichment activities. Research community programs, camps, or workshops that align with your child's passions and abilities.

Navigating ESY requires proactive involvement and support from parents. By reviewing the IEP, maintaining open communication, establishing consistent routines, providing additional support at home, and seeking out enrichment opportunities, you can ensure your child's extended school year experience is productive, inclusive, and empowering.

Reminder: Yes the school can provide transportation. Yes ESY should be individualized to your child's own unique needs. NO ESY is not summer school!

Has this been your experience with ESY? Do you feel your child is prepared for ESY? Comment below!


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