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Sensory-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids!

As, an Audhder and mother of an Autistic child I fully believe that everyone has their own sensory activities that they enjoy! So, these activities are not only activities that our kids can enjoy but adults as well! Summer time is a great time for our sensory loving kids to make memories, embark on adventures, and find activities uniquely tailored to them! The good news is that I have some sensory friendly options available that everyone can enjoy!

1. Nature Walks and Outdoor Exploration:

Nature can be stimulating and calming at the same time. Nature walks through local parks, botanical gardens, and nature reserves. This gives them the opportunity to observe the vibrant colors, listen to the sounds of birds chirping, feel the textures of leaves, and inhale the fresh scents of the outdoors.

This promote sensory integration while fostering a connection with the environment.

2. Water Play:

Water play is a fantastic way to beat the summer heat while engaging the senses. Consider setting up a sensory-friendly water play area in your backyard. Adjust water temperature and pressure to accommodate your child's sensory preferences! Use various containers, water tables, or inflatable pools all of which can be very soothing! Include sponges, water beads, and floating toys to provide tactile stimulation.

3. Art:

Art can be therapeutic and sensory-friendly because it allows children to explore their creativity while engaging their senses. This can include painting, drawing, sculpting with clay, or creating sensory-friendly sensory bottles. Consider using: finger paints and textured papers to make the experience more enjoyable!

These activities offer opportunities for tactile exploration, color recognition, and self-expression.

4. Sensory Gardens:

Create a sensory garden in your backyard or visit a local community garden. Plant a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables that offer different sensory experiences and encourage your child to touch and smell the plants, observe the vibrant colors, and taste the edible ones. This can provide a calm and engaging environment for sensory exploration.

Sensory gardens are designed to stimulate various senses, such as sight, touch, smell, and even taste.

5. Music and Dance Therapy:

Music and dance can provide soothing music, gentle movements, and sensory props to promote self-expression and relaxation. Find sensory friendly dance or music classes in your area or create a sensory-friendly music corner at home, complete with a variety of instruments, soft lighting, and comfortable seating. This allows your child to explore sounds and rhythms at their own pace.

6. Sensory-Friendly Outings:

Lastly, many places now provide designated quiet areas, noise-cancelling headphones, or reduced crowds during specific times to cater to individuals with sensory needs. Check websites or contact the venues in advance to inquire about available accommodations to ensure a positive experience for your child. For example, the Chuck-e-Cheese in my area provides sensory friendly day!

Summer is great time to relax, reset and unmask for our neurodivergent kids! Embrace sensory friendly activities, that are inclusive and enjoyable by locating them or making them unique for your own child! Whether it's immersing in nature, engaging in sensory play, exploring art, or participating in music and dance therapy, these activities provide opportunities for sensory integration, self-expression, and meaningful connections.

Do you have sensory friendly activities planned already? What sensory activities do you or your kids enjoy! Comment below!


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